Looking Up Ohio Restaurants Made A Great Closing Chapter To Our Vacation

My husband and I knew we were going to be busy for most of the year, so we saved up our vacation time and planned for a month off together at the end of the summer heading into the fall. We were really looking forward to leaving Chicago for four full weeks, although we were not sure at first what to do. Eventually, he had the inspiration for us to drive north through Wisconsin and Minnesota then head east through Canada and circumnavigate the Great Lakes before coming home.
I loved the idea right off the bat and found plenty of things for us to do, including seeing the peak fall foliage in Pennsylvania, but then I started drawing blanks about what to do in Ohio after the leaves were down and it was cold.
His genius struck again, as he pointed out we would be eating out every meal, so why not try out the best Ohio restaurants on our path? I laughed at first, but then started looking up the highest rated eateries and dining establishments in each town or city on our route. I wound up coming up with an eclectic list of roadside diners, fast casual establishments, legendary local restaurants, famous family owned and operated kitchens, and of course four- and five-star restaurants we had to get dressed up for.
We wound up narrowing it down to a dozen places that were all distinct from one another and spent four days moving slowly across the state while experiencing a broader cuisine than you see on a cruise ship. We posted each meal on Facebook and made our foodie friends quite jealous. A few are actually not even talking to us too much now that we’re back.
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